How many lines on the college ruled paper?

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Medium ruled (or College ruled) paper has 9/32 in (7.1 mm) spacing between horizontal lines, with a vertical margin drawn about 1-1/4 in (31.75 mm) from the left-hand edge of the page. Its use is very common in the United States. 

This comes to about 33 lines.

Frequently used rules:

  • 5 × 5, or “small squares”
  • Horizontal and vertical lines every 5 mm.
  • General use. With or without margin according to the variants.
  •  “Big tiles”
  • Fine horizontal lines every 2 mm, horizontal and vertical lines every 8 mm.
  • Typical school notebook in France. This lineage always seems to be accompanied by a margin on the left.
  • Created in 1892 by Jean-Alexandre Seyès, bookseller and paper-maker in Pontoise.
  • An A4 sheet has 21 full tiles on one line and 29 full tiles on one column, making a total of 609 full tiles.
  • Millimeter
  • Millimeter semi-logarithmic
  • Logarithmic Millimeter
  • Horizontal and vertical lines: fine every 1 mm, average every 5 mm, thick every 10 mm. In the case of logarithmic rulings, only one or both axes are graduated along a nonlinear progression scale.
  • Technical drawing, graphics. No margin or otherwise a margin of 10 mm all around the sheet.
  • Simple lineage
  • Horizontal lines every 10 mm.
  • Classic letter paper. No margin.
  • 7 mm double line
  • Groups of two horizontal lines.
  • Often used for learning to write in very young children.
  • Double line 3 mm
  • Groups of two horizontal lines.
  • Often used for learning writing in young children.
  • Music paper
  • Groups of five lines.
  • Accounting journal
  • Horizontal lines every 10 mm, vertical lines to separate columns (designation, credit, flow) and numbers.