How to format a college paper?

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Requirements for registration a college paper :

– The college paper is issued in electronic form with further
printing on a laser or inkjet printer

– sheet
format – A4

– font
name- Times New Roman

– font size
– 14

– line spacing
1,5 (one and a half)

– field
size (distance from the text to the edge of the sheet)

top and
bottom – (2 cm)

left for
firmware work – (2.5 or 3 cm)

right –
(1.5 cm)

– text
alignment – in width

– indent
for a paragraph – 1.5 cm.

-in  the name of sections, subsections are
highlighted in bold.

The number
of pages can vary from 20 to 45 sheets.

numbering of the college paper pages begins with the second sheet, on which the
content of the work is usually drawn up, the plan and indicated on the top right.

The title
page is the first sheet of the term paper, it is not numbered. It indicates the
name of the educational institution, type of work, the name of the department
or discipline, topic, course, data of the author and his teacher, year of
writing work and the city of the educational institution for which it is being

introduction should be at least one full page, it describes the relevance of
the work, the knowledge of the topic in domestic and foreign science, the
object and subject of research, the setting of goals and objectives,
methodology, a brief description of the structure and its content.

begin with a new sheet and end with brief conclusions. The volume of each
section should be approximately the same.

are written on the current page and are not transferred to the new sheet.

of links in the text of the college paper should be links or footnotes to the
sources used, at least one to 2-2.5 pages. When using links, the number of the
source in the list is indicated in square brackets, in addition, the page
number or their range from which the material was taken can be indicated. For
example [6, p.80] – the source is in the sixth list, information is taken from
page 80 of this source. When using a footnote in the text indicates the number,
and at the bottom of the page under this number ,the source is decrypted.

must be at least one full page and include a conclusion on the results of the
entire work.

The list of
sources used may include scientific papers, articles, dissertations, periodical
,and online publications, textbooks, laws and
draft laws; be arranged in alphabetical order and include at least 15 titles.