Learn How To Write An Argument Essay Step By Step

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4 Steps to Follow When Writing an Argumentative Essay

Ever heard of an argumentative essay? If not, here is a definition: an argumentative essay is an academic writing that focuses on persuading the readers on a particular subject matter. To write an excellent paper, you need to understand how to approach your essay. Fortunately, argumentative essays are easy to write as long as you stick to the following steps.

  • Understanding the instructions
  • Research
  • Outlining and proofreading
  • Polishing

Steps to Follow When Writing an Argument Essay

Like all other types of academic papers, argumentative essays follow the same steps. Writing a great essay that forms a basis for your final grade is what experts call applying the basics. To do this, you first need to understand the instructions of the essay. What are you supposed to write?

  1. Selecting the topic
  2. Picking a thesis topic
  3. Developing a research topic
  4. Selecting and developing sources
  5. Creating an outline
  6. Writing the actual essay

How to Select a Good Topic

One of the most important steps in writing any academic paper is choosing the topic of your choice. Once you have understood the instructions and chosen a topic, choose a few topics that you can easily write about. Remember, write my paper topic should be relevant to the subject and have enough content to convince the reader. To ensure that you can achieve this, choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you will enjoy writing about.

Picking a Thesis Topic

After you have found a relevant topic for your argumentative essay, develop a thesis statement. This should be a sentence that narrows the subject of your essay. The thesis statement will make it clear to the reader what your essay will address. After you have selected a thesis topic, focus your attention on it as you research it. Find the numerous points of view from experts in your field of study to provide relevant evidence to support your thesis statement.

Research Extensively

Your topic is only as good as the sources you use as references. While researching, you should write down points from credible sources such as books, journals, articles, and newspaper articles. These references will give your essay a solid base, making it easier to build an impressive argument. However, make sure you are only using sources that have been approved by your professors for academic use.

Creating an Outline

After you have gathered all the relevant sources for your essay, create an outline. The outline will help organize your points and create a flow from one point to the next. Sticking to the outline will make it easier to write the actual essay as it will point you to the specific sections where your points need to be addressed. An outline should cover at least three paragraphs.

Writing the Essay

After you are done with the outline, start writing the actual essay. This should be a discussion that involves conducting research and filling it with arguments. Pay attention to where you need to place arguments in your essay, how far you should go, and how strong your arguments should be. Editing and proofreading will ensure that your essay is flawless. Finally, polish it as much as possible before submission.

Writing a good academic paper may seem like a lot of work, but with a guide like this, you can have a great time writing your essay.